OpenCV: compile images (Mats) into a strip


I created a very short C++ snippet to accumulate a series of Mats into a single Mat strip. It works like acc = acc + m - a new mat is added to the accumulator each time, then stored in the accumulator again.

Example output
Example output
#pragma once
#include <opencv2/opencv.hpp>
#include <opencv2/core/core.hpp>
#include <opencv2/imgcodecs.hpp>
#include <assert.h>

using namespace cv;

class MatStrip
Mat current;
float scale;

MatStrip(Mat start, float scale=0.3f):
resize(start, current, Size(start.cols * scale, start.rows * scale), 1.0, 1.0, INTER_CUBIC);

void add(const Mat &in_o)
Mat in;
resize(in_o, in, Size(in_o.cols * scale, in_o.rows * scale), 1.0, 1.0, INTER_CUBIC);

assert(in.type() == current.type());
Size sz1 = current.size();
Size sz2 = in.size();
Mat im3(sz1.height, sz1.width+sz2.width, current.type());
Mat left(im3, Rect(0, 0, sz1.width, sz1.height));
Mat right(im3, Rect(sz1.width, 0, sz2.width, sz2.height));
current = im3;